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Discover the importance of Brittle now

Recognising good quality brittle
The most important factor is its fragility or hardness. Brittle made from a well-balanced mixture should neither crumble in the hand nor be too hard to eat. This occurs due to excessive or insufficient sugar in the mixture: a good brittle should remain friable and delicious over time, its flavour should remain intact even when served cold.


Brittle to recharge you batteries
We all know that intense physical activity or a tough day at work affects our energy levels and mood. In both cases we should treat ourselves to a snack rich in sugars and fibres, such as brittle. It has also been noted that the crunchiness of brittle requires us to repeatedly chew a single mouthful and this action helps us to relax and reduce tension.


For your health
Gluten is the causal factor of celiac disease and is the protein component in wheat and other cereals. Brittle is made from simple and natural ingredients such as sugar and dried fruit, and as such is suitable for those who are affected by this increasingly wide-spread intolerance.


Miracle food
It is well known that there are many fruits which lower cholesterol levels, stimulate circulation and drastically reduce the possibility of developing heart disease. Almonds are one such anti-cholesterol fruit, a rich source of energy, vitamins and minerals. Indeed several clinical studies show that the regular consumption of almonds causes a remarkable improvement in blood circulation as they contain fibre and Omega 3. Apart from its cholesterol-lowering properties, almonds are rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, all elements which help in the fight against osteoporosis. So basically an almond a day keeps the doctor away!