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Il Croccantino
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Il Croccantino
di Giacomo Maffioli

Via Busi, 36
25086 - Rezzato (BS)
Tel. e Fax: +39 030 2793741

VAT number 02222930980
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Quality 100% Made in Italy, Il Croccantino



Ingredients of your choice


Ingredients: sugar, toasted chopped peanuts


Ingredients: sugar, blanched and sliced almonds


Ingredients: sugar, hulled sesame seeds

Technical data


Height: 3 cm
Diameter: 15 cm


Pack size Small: 5 pieces
Pack size Big: 25 pieces


Vacuum packed product

Expiry date

12 months from production date

Useful info

  • Store far from heat sources.

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Colour options

Added ingredients:water-soluble red food colourant



Colour options

Added ingredients: water-soluble green food colourant



Flavour options

Added ingredients: cocoa powder, flavouring

Gallery Tortino

The Tortino, as suggested by the name, is reminiscent of a cake shaped wafer with the unique sinuosity of brittle. The skilled craftsmanship used in its creation is palpable in each and every ripple, as is the case with all other products created by the company Il Croccantino. This range can be filled to your taste: make the most of the capacious and simple shape of the Tortino to create a truly sensational dessert. At restaurants it is served on birthdays and other special occasions. Experiment with colours, deliciously creamy mousses, a few candles for a unique touch during important celebrations, for you or those you hold dearest. Many patisseurs enjoy experimenting with different flavours of mousses, or using this product for the creation of Cheesecakes, tarts, Tiramisù, for a base which keeps the mixture created by yourself compact. At ice cream parlours it is used in the creation of semifreddo desserts in the summer which are then placed on display. Have you ever seen a cake made from red or green brittle? You are not likely to spot something as extraordinary: the Love and Tropical ranges are sure to satisfy your requirements, for a magical and unique touch to your desserts. If you wish to serve something simple yet effective, why not serve a Tortino with some fresh fruit, whipped cream and ice cream: for a refreshing, creamy and crunchy dessert experience. Don't miss the almond and sesame versions: serve with a good glass of white sparkling wine for a memorable dessert experience.