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Il Croccantino
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Il Croccantino
di Giacomo Maffioli

Via Busi, 36
25086 - Rezzato (BS)
Tel. e Fax: +39 030 2793741

VAT number 02222930980
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"Life is not all about incredible, fantastic things. It's about small things, and when you stop asking for the impossible, these small things transform into exceptional realities. "

The Mignon range features products that are relatively small in size, ideal for pride of place in the showcase of your marvellous patisserie, or simply for savouring on special occasions. Mignon products come in a wide range of shapes, more or less linear or elaborate in nature; as handmade products they are truly unique. Choose from the Classica, Trifoglio, Guglia, Mattoncino, Cannolino, Cornettino. The Classica is wonderfully simple and practical, very little is needed to accentuate its beauty: perhaps some custard cream and a sprinkling of currants on top for that final touch. The Trifoglio is also known as the triptych due to its characteristic shape consisting of three containers, perfect for filling with more than one flavour. The Guglia is one of the first square shaped pastries to be introduced onto the patisserie market and is quadrangular, with pointed corners which emphasize the sheer nobility of its towering shape, perfect for abundant fillings. The rectangular shaped Mattoncino gives you the chance to accost three flavours horizontally. Simple and practical to fill, it will delight your guests. The Cannolino is a miniature version of a typical and renowned Sicilian pastry, the Cannolo, extremely easy to fill, here revisited by the company Il Croccantino to highlight the Italian brand. The cone-shaped Cornettino can be used both for the decoration of cakes and sundaes, or as a pastry. It is the largest product in the mignon category and its simplicity confers you with freedom to fill its sumptuous shape, drawing inspiration from fantasy, flavour and Made in Italy.